New travel bag 2019

Transformable travel Bags "Trinus"

Discover the journey with the new and convenient "Trinus" bag. Now you can easily combine travel, work, study. This bag is for travel and not only...


"Trinus 3in1"

The Bag "Trinus 3in1" folded three times and transformed from a large travel bags for travel in a laptop bag again folds into crossbody bag. Now you don't need a lot of bags on the road - you only need one bag "Trinus"

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Size Bag "Trinus 3in1"

Size Bag "Trinus 3in1"

Size Only Bag "Trinus 3in1"

Trinus Bag


Material of the bag is impregnated with polyurethane, which makes the bag waterproof. Fabric does not remember the folds and therefore does not crumple. Very soft to fold and tight enough to hold the shape.

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Gray color


blue color


brown color


The bag has a 38 liter capacity

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