Trinus has just launched their new, innovate three-in-one transformable travel bag. The Trinus 3-in-1 has a unique folding system, turning the bag from a larger travel bag into a laptop bag and finally a smaller crossbody bag. The bag changes size to suit any daily need and is an indispensable travel assistant. Our team travels a lot and as a rule, we took with us several bags: a laptop bag and small crossbody bag. We were tired of taking several bags with us on the trip, so we decided to develop one bag for different cases.

So we came to the idea of a the transformable bag. A pleasant surprise for us was that we discovered the possibility of using this transformable bag in everyday situations. Walking with a small one-liter capacity handbag, you can, if necessary, expand it to a huge volume of 38 liters. The company "Trinus" is a new company, was founded for designing and manufacturing useful, compact things for those who travel and work a lot. Any product can be made even better and more convenient for everyone. We called the bag "Trinus", because in Latin it means traveling and kangaroo with a backpack with pleasure with you on the way.


Problem: each bag has a limited function and for different purposes you use different bags: one for traveling, the other for work, the third for studying and so on. Why take with you a few bags for different situations?

Our solution: take with you one bag that can change its size and become both large and very small. “This is becoming a popular bag to have because of how versatile it is,” says Alex Nyurkin, CEO of Trinus. “When customers are choosing what the best bag is for their needs, now they don’t have to choose between three. They are able to have one bag meet a variety of their needs and can carry just one bag instead of many for different situations.”

Trinus has also carefully calculated the size of a travel bag, keeping in mind airline requirements for a carry-on. Laptop and crossbody bag sizes are based on general needs for each occasion, but as more space is needed, the bag unfold offering more room. The Trinus bag also comes with a built-in flashlight, allowing the user to shine a light on objects without even using their hands. In addition, the Trinus 3-in-1 provides plenty of spacious and efficient pockets so it is easy to store smaller items like a cell phone.

The size of the travel bag fits for luggage. The size of the Laptop bag fits for the laptops up to 15 inches. We offer you two colors of the bag: slategray and cobalt. Trinus bag weights 2,31 lbs. (1,05 kg). The Travel size of the bag has 38 liter capacity (2318.9 in³). Specially selected fabric is dense enough to keep its shape and soft enough (elastic) to fold up compactly. Polyester D900 with polyurethane impregnation from -60 to +120 C (from -76 to +248 F). This fabric is water and wrinkle-resistant. The "Trinus" bag size: Travel size 9in x 12in x 20in. Laptop size 2.7in x 9in x 15.7in. Crossbody size 3.5in x 9in x 15.7in.

“No matter what you have to carry, the Trinus bag can fold and transform to meet those needs,” adds Nyurkin. “Imagine arriving at the hotel, it is very simple to take everything out of the large travel bag, fold it and walk around with a compact foldable bag. Then as you shop, you can simply fold it out for more room. The bag can be folded and unfolded in a matter of seconds.”

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The campaign started on November 15 and will last until December 31, 2018. Campaign Goal $ 5,000. Now the minimum price of one bag is only $111 with a discount of 58% and with a limited quantity. In addition to the bag as a gift comes a super compact umbrella in EVA case and a toiletry bag. The planned shipment of the first bags is scheduled for February-March.


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