New Transformable 3-in-1 travel bag 

Usually, on the road, in addition to the travel bag, they take an extra bag for a laptop and a small bag for exploring the city (small crossbody bag).


The idea of the transformable 3-in-1 bag was to get a versatile travel bag. We took care of you that one bag replaced the three most popular bags that travelers usually use.

Three bags take up more space, carry more weight and create additional inconvenience. Thanks to the transformation mechanism, you use the bag and change its size when you need it in a variety of situations.

Laptop Size
Crossbody Size

Travel size

Going on a trip, use all the advantages of the travel size.

Transformation mechanism

When you arrive at your destination, you simply lay out things from a travel bag and, thanks to one zipper, make a laptop size from a travel size and use it. Either you fold it again and make a small bag for walking and use it.

Things packing

Access to things from two sides. You can pack your things from the side like into a suitcase with a side zipper and add things to your bag with a top zipper.


Removable bottom

The removable bottom serves to stiffen the bag, when folded it fits for the side pocket.

Mesh divider

Divides the bag into two sections: the main and additional. In the additional section, you can put on clothes that you may urgently need on the road, such as a light jacket or pullover.

Luggage strap for the travel size of the bag

If you travel with a roller suitcase you can easily fasten the Trinus bag on the handle for easy movement.

Carry-on size

Avoid baggage fees when you check and keep your bag with you when you explore. Trinus bag meets domestic and international carry-on standards.

Laptop pocket

Separate pocket for the laptop diagonal up to 15 inches. Thanks to soft pockets from the one side and a large compartment with things from the other, your laptop has additional protection against mechanical stress. When checking in at the airport you do not have to get a laptop, just open a separate pocket.

Laptop size

Upon arrival, you just need to put the clothes and things out of the bag without taking out the laptop. Fold it into the laptop size and your laptop will be with you. Now you do not need to take one more bag on the road. Laptop size is great for going to work or study. But at any time and in any place, you can quickly turn it into a travel or crossbody bag. 

Luggage strap for the laptop size of the bag

We made the pockets as efficient and roomy as possibleFor a laptop size, it is also  possible to fasten a bag on a suitcase, which will allow you to free your hands.

Crossbody size

The travel bag or laptop bag can always be reduced to the size of a small handbag for walking (small cross body bag). You can always put the most necessary things like the mobile phone, passport, wallet and so on.

Having a bag of only 1.5 liters on your shoulder, you can easily increase the volume to 38 liters in seconds.

The pockets under the secure velcro flap

The pockets under the flaps is an ideal place for the most valuable things such as a wallet, phone, passport…


Spring hook for the keys

Sometime we forget the keys in the apartments room or at home. We decided to take care of this and added a spring hook for keys on a harness, which is available in all sizes of the bag and always remains in your pocket. Now you will not be able to forget the keys.

Top zipper pockets

Side pockets with quick access from above, where you can store sunglasses, a compact umbrella, powerbank together with the mobile phone.

Coins and ticket pocket

This pocket is easily accessible to put a ticket or coins into it, whenever you use a travel size, or a laptop size, or a crossbody size.



 Built-in flashlight

At any size of the bag, there is always the built-in flashlight, usually hidden under a flap that is easy to hide. Highlight your map, road, door lock.



Buckles for the spring hooks

To free up your hands and carry a bag over your shoulder, each size of the bag has its own buckles for the spring hooks.

Fabric, colors, sizes

Waterproof, wrinkle-resistant fabric, very soft to fold and tight enough to hold the shape of the bag. We offer two colors of the bag: slategray and cobalt.


The size of the "Trinus" 3-in-1 bag.

The size of the bags "Trinus 3in1".

The size of the bags only "Trinus 3in1".


Toiletry bag

The convenient toiletry bag is made from the same fabric comes with the bag for storing toiletries.

Compact folding umbrella

So that the rain does not take you by surprise, we pack our bags with a super compact folding umbrella that fits even into a regular trouser pocket. Umbrella material is made of ponge fabric, the umbrella becomes dry simply by brushing drops from it. The small size of an EVA case can be confused with a case for ordinary glasses.

Why Trinus 3-in-1 travel bag is the best choice?

Problem: each bag has a limited function and for different purposes you use different bags: one for traveling, the other for work, the third for studying and so on. Why take with you a few bags for different situations?

Our solution: take with you one bag that can change its size and become both large and very small.



The bag "Trinus" only order on Indiegogo

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