ultraviolet sterilizer

New Generation Smart UV-C LED multifunctional toothbrush sterilizer!
Pathogens creates a serious danger to the teeth and gums, as well as to the whole body!
There are billions of different pathogenic bacteria and viruses and other microorganisms on toothbrushes!
Smart UVC LED — multifunctional toothbrush sterilizer!
Triple sterilization effect is ensured thanks to:
-Fan for drying a toothbrush
-UV-C LED lamp
-Photocatalyst antibacterial
This device is equipped with a new 360 ° sterilization system that allows for maximum sterilization of not only toothbrushes but also the surrounding area!
When approaching the sterilizer closer than 1.5 meters triggers a smart sensor and the device turns off automatically.
Battery power supported by integrated solar panel which is charged by solar and artificial lighting.
Built-in Li-ion batteries of the LED sterilizer is charged from the USB port in just 3 hours, the operating time without recharging is up to 3 months.
In addition to the sterilization function, Smart UVC LED has space for 5 for toothbrushes, for a tube with toothpaste and automatic dispenser. Just press the dispenser with a toothbrush and it will give out the necessary dose.
Sterilization efficiency increases in a dry environment. The device is equipped with a silent high-speed fan for quick drying toothbrushes.
Thanks to a sealed housing, the operation of the device has become safe and durable. Protection Class — IP55.
Smart UVC led has dust and watertight control panel with a user-friendly interface.
It is enough to wipe the case of the sterilizer with a damp cloth, and the easily removable dispenser is washed with running water and all this takes a matter of seconds.
To start the sterilizer, just press one power button. Drying is initiated first, then ultraviolet sterilization begins. There are 3 sterilization modes: 120, 240, 360 seconds. Use the touch button «power» to change operating modes
Smart UVC LED is easy to install on any surface with a self-adhesive layer for one minute without drilling holes.
Stylish design with many of the most necessary functions, with three levels of disinfection, with a protection system for safe operation, with a long service life and a high degree of moisture protection, with a long life without additional recharging.
A LED lamp works much more than a quartz lamp. And this is more than 30,000 hours. They are instantly switched on and off, without requiring warm-up cycles and standby mode which is typical for quartz lamps. This significantly reduces consumption energy. The safety of the LED lamp is ensured by the absence of glass and the absence of mercury.
Daily toothbrushes need to be replaced once a month which will cost you about $ 66 per year. With the Smart UVC you can change your toothbrush every 3 months, saving $44 every year per family member!
Press the dispenser with a toothbrush and get the amount of paste you need.